We deploy the appropriate technologies following individual site analysis. We identify our saving solutions based on data gathered from consumption meters, measurement and observation, to ensure our proposals are both appropriate to your operations and achieve the best possible savings.


We work with a wide portfolio of energy saving solutions. As a data-led organisation we focus on identifying the correct combination of technology that works best for your organisation. This is based on the analysis rather than having a product-led, sales driven approach.

1. Meeting + Agree to collect data
During a brief introduction we explain our approach and align expectations. Together we set your targets and time horizon.
2. Data analyses
Based on your energy and building data we make the initial assumptions which we will validate during our site survey.
3. Presentation of our findings + Site Survey
We present the outcomes of our data analysis including and conduct a site survey to firm up the combination of relevant technologies and determine the savings potential.
4. Finalising the proposal and timelines.
Integration is agreed with your facilities team and implemented using industry best practice by professionals.
5. Implementation + Onward operations
We guarantee the performance, take care of maintenance and verify the results to see if we have reached our targets. (3rd party verification in case of a dispute)